What is the Conviction Project?

CONVICTION [kuh n-vik-shuh n] - “A fixed or firm belief” 

The Conviction Project is a podcast which emphasizes the dichotomy between the one who studies and the one who reforms: 

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MAARIJ RANA , The Therapist - The one who studies behaviour

FARHAN IQBAL, The Imam - The one who reforms others

Exploring Islam can be tough. Living a Muslim life can seem even tougher. This podcast aims to remove one’s doubts through exploration and dialogue. Each episode unpacks and dissects relevant issues, controversies, and uncertainties.

True conviction is developed when belief is revitalized. Help continue the conversation by sharing your thoughts, opinions, and questions.


Ep. 132 – The Secrets of a Prosperous Marriage The Conviction Project

Akbar and Farhan discuss Farhan's latest book, The Secrets of a Prosperous Marriage, co-authored with Shahrukh Rizwan Abid and Sadiq Ahmed. They discuss the idea that sparked this book, its purpose, contents and the arranged marriage vs. dating debate. Options to buy the book were also discussed. 
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